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Using articles to promote the site is a great way to capture the interests of the readers. It's all about giving them the information they're looking for, and then pointing them in the direction of resources that can help them out even more, which in this case, would be our book. The goal of our articles is not so much to sell the product per se. The goal is to convince them enough or to entice them enough that they'd want to know more about the product.

A lot of marketers choose to use articles in their marketing activities. One outstanding reason is the potential longevity of articles. When done well, they can be easily spotted by seach engines. And once entrenched, it could continue to generate traffic and income for your without you having to do anything extra. That's the power of well-written articles.

When creating your own articles, it is important to use relevant keywords so that you article will be picked up easily by search engines. It's also important where you post your articles. Do you research to find out which article directories do well in the major search engines and then prioritize those article directories when submitting your articles.

To help you out, here are some sample articles that you can use or pattern your own articles on. When creating the links back to the sales page, remember to use your own hoplink. This will ensure that the traffic and the sales your refer will be properly credited to you.

Article 1:

Kids Wonít Eat Their Fruits And Veggies? Try Homemade Smoothies.

Homemade smoothies are becoming more and more popular among moms who would like their kids to snack on more fruits. Itís really a great way to get our daily recommended allowance of 5 servings of fruit a day. And with kids, itís a fun way to teach them about various fruits and get them involved in the kitchen.

One of the nicest things about smoothies is... <read more>

Article 2:

How To Get The Most Out Of Diet Smoothies

When trying to lose weight or to maintain your current weight, eating right is very important. It can be the difference between success and failure.

Just because youíre on a diet, that doesnít mean you should allow yourself to starve. Itís all about snacking right and making smart food choices.

One of the most popular snacks for weight watchers are diet smoothies. There are several reasons why diet smoothies are great for dieters... <read more>

Article 3:

How To Make Smoothies A Daily Habit

Making smoothies a part of your daily habit is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself in shape. Smoothies are not only delicious and easy to prepare, they can also be very healthy and good for you. Itís one of the best ways to meet our daily recommended allowance of 5 fruits a day. And for people who are not too keen on eating vegetables, smoothies can be a way to get your fill of fiber from the greens without the leafy aftertaste.

Itís no surprise then that a lot of people are... <read more>

Article 4:

Smoothie: Yogurt Basics

If you've been looking at varoius recipes and guides on how to make smoothies, then you probably notice that many recipes call for yoghurt as their dairy base. Why use yogurt? Its health benefits are the obvious answers.

Yoghurt is rich in a lot of nutrients, including... <read more>

Article 5:

Smoothies – A Recipe for Kids Nutrition

Kids are a hard lot to feed. You try to tell them that they have to eat right, and they do quite the opposite, especially if there are chips and other junk food around. Now shakes and smoothies are a different matter – which is why you should utilize the advantages of these kinds of beverages. Rich and healthy smoothies can be downed by your child, not knowing that they just had something they wouldn't normally eat on a plate.

Who do kids and parents love smoothies so much? Well, just take a look at this... <read more>

Article 6:

Are Diet Smoothies Even Possible?

According to Wikipedia, a diet is defined as "the sum of the food consumed by and organism or a group." And dieting means "the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake." Taking that into consideration, how would you like to have a healthy, low-calorie-and-low fat smoothie that you can enjoy without the guilt?

Many people consider smoothies a luxury, like a guilt-free binge that destroys... <read more>

Article 7:

Low Fat Smoothie Recipes for the Health Conscious You

A lot of people are now becoming more conscious of staying and being healthy. They look for ways to improve their diet and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. And since smoothies are so good, a lot of people are turning to smoothies and learning how to make smoothies that not only taste good but are healthy all around, too.

Smoothies fit a healthy lifestyle perfectly. It allows heath conscious people to... <read more>

Article 8:

Making Blender Smoothies

Blender smoothies are easy smoothies – you just put all ingredients in a blender, push a button to process, and pour to enjoy. It's so simple, so efficient and so nutritious that all people should make it a daily habit.

The kitchen blender is a tool that is more often than not overlooked; in reality, a blender is... <read more>

Article 9:

What is the Best Fruit for Smoothies?

Fruit smoothie drinks are fun to make and fun to drink. Both kids and adults alike love to have them. There is just something about fruits and smoothies that make it a perfect, delicious combination that is guilt-less as well.

But is there one best fruit for... <read more>

Article 10:

Fruit and Green Smoothie Health Benefits

Before whipping up a batch of mouth-watering smoothies, you should go back to basics. Smoothie maker – young and old alike – should know not just what a smoothie’s ingredients are, but what it can also do for you.

Whether it be made of fruits or veggie greens, smoothies are... <read more>

Article 11:

Smoothies – Drink to Your Health

Smoothies ingredients vary, and with this variation, you have smoothies that may or may not meet your health goals. This is the reason why as smoothies surge in popularity, there are also a lot of people who claim that the health benefits touted by smoothies are a sham.

Recently, I’ve encountered some anti-smoothie people claiming that... <read more>

Article 12:

Smoothies – How to Ensure Your Child Gets the Right Nutrition Minus the Stress

Smoothie drinks cater to young and old alike, mostly for the same reasons. To sum them up, smoothies are fairly easy to do (usually done in about less than 10 minutes, provided that you have the proper ingredients and machinery), delicious and can be enjoyed by anyone without feeling the guilt of gaining more weight (or even losing more weight for people who are trying to gain a few extra pounds). Best of all, they are healthy and nutritious.

Smoothies are really popular these days. You can see it in the many smoothie shops that... <read more>

Article 13:

Smashing Chocolate Smoothies Recipes

It’s fun to make your own chocolate homemade smoothies at home – either for family, relatives or friends. It’s easy to make and quick to do (once you have all your ingredients set out). Best of all, you can expect an easy clean-up afterwards.

Chocolate smoothies bring a lot of added health benefits, too. It’s rich in... <read more>


Article 14:

Understanding Smoothies: How Healthy Are They?

Smoothies are advertised as a healthy fruit drink with a variety of benefits. They are known to help people meet their fruit and vegetable requirements, help people lose weight, help boost energy, and so much more. These delicious drinks were the healthy response to the calorie filled  milkshake. However, many people do not truly understand smoothies and what makes them healthy. This is the reason why there are so many unhealthy smoothies and smoothie recipes available on the market.

Though smoothies all have a fruit base, not all of them are... <read more>

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